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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Unimental Designs

Unimental Designs has over 200 unique graphics to place on many different products. Their styles include humor, geek & gamer, retro, movies & tv, sports, music, stylin', & politics. Most of their designs have an 'urban' look to them. ***



Anonymous cherry said...

I really feel sorry for Canada, they seem to be the butt of so many USA jokes which suprises me as they're your neighbours!

Can this really go all the way back to Independence? The simple fact is the USA have a lot to learn from Canada (if they want too).

Take gun crime! Canada has more guns per person and hardly any gun crime - is that not worth learning about?

BTW being British/English - obvously I have strong feelings for the US, but also Canada.

I guess its the love/hate thing, similar to England/France.

"we love to hate them!" (and vice versa, remember the olympics?)

5:04 AM  

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