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Monday, December 12, 2005

Option-G Apparel

Option-G Apparel came about in 2004, as an extension of the mutual love co-founders Cole Gerst and Michelle Madden share for t-shirts, music, animals and the current independent art scene, ranging from graffiti to graphic design. Their designs are all inspired from things such as electricity, self-help, animal impulses, music and L.A. summers. My favorite designs are PETA • free for all, branch out, and street signs. ****


Funkrush Clothing

Funkrush Clothing is a new t-shirt shop that was 'born and bred in the online ghetto'. The designs at this place are all very original and look great on a shirt. This is another place where you can submit your designs to be printed on t-shirts, only here, you get a commission for each t-shirt sold, instead of cash & prizes. Overall, I really like this place. ****


Thursday, December 01, 2005


Randomshirts.com is another pretty neat vintage t-shirt site. Their designs are all very wearable and funny, including 'Holla!', 'Break Yo' self Fool!', and 'Where My Dogs At?'. Their tees come in regular and ladies sizes and softees for more vintage fit. Not in the mood for a t-shirt? They also have polos, sweatshirts, and posters! Become one of their street soliders and earn extra cash! ***