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Friday, September 30, 2005


Talk about simplicity at it's best. Paper Plain features plain 'ol animal illustrations on super soft vintage tees. Animals range from "The Squirrel" to "The Platypus" and more (If you don't see an animal that you want, you can request it). I really like how they are doing something completely out of the ordinary, but doing it oh so well. ****


Ophelia's Art

Ophelia's Art features the best 'vintage goth' designs around. I fell in love with this place when I saw their selection of Absinthe & Green Fairy designs. They also have tons of other great categories such as corset & pin-up art, fairy & fantasy art, and retro & naughty t-shirts. It's a bit different than your standard vintage t-shirt store, but if you're feeling a bit dark or naughty you may find a few things you must own. ****



Within the first 5 seconds of your visit to ThreadPit, you know you will be in for a treat. The entire look of their website just says cool and their selection of customizable t-shirts is outstanding. Whether you're into pop culture, retro, political, or music designs...they'll probably have something you'll like. Their new 'music' section features the likes of the Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd & more! ***


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Burn Tees

Burn Tees has probably the least subtle designs on the web, but that's what makes them so great. They definately are not afraid to be different, which certainly makes them original. They feature funny, drug related, new jersey, political, and holiday designs as well as custom designs. ***


Mr. Chips Tees

Mr. Chips doesn't offer a HUGE selection of tees compared to other stores, but what they do offer is great quality. "Let's Experiment", "Friends Don't Let Friends Live in Ohio", and "Chess Players Mate Better" are a few personal faves. I also love the site design at this place. The photos are great and the wood accents work perfectly. ***


Old Crappy Tee

Old Crappy Tee's philosophy is: "What makes us laugh? What feels good? What would Yoda do? We design and print t-shirts that fit this criteria." Sounds about right. They have over 30 funny designs and feature the "Detroit Ninja Academy" t-shirts & sweatshirts. ***


Cotton Factory

The Cotton Factory is the home of the amazing $4.99 grab bag tee as well as great $9.99 sale tees. They have a lot of great designs picking on celebrities such as Steven Seagal, Corey Feldman, & Joey Lawrence. Their humor ranges from the '80s, food, animals, movies, politics and much more. These guys always seem to come up with more and more designs all the time, so be sure and check them out often! ***

- Over 200 silly graphic t-shirts starting at $9.99. Create your own custom shirt by putting any design on a t-shirt, ringer, or baseball jersey!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Busted Tees

The folks at Busted Tees describe their store as "The funniest t-shirts anywhere", and I find it hard to disagree. I sometimes find myself going to bustedtees.com, just to get a good laugh in for the day. "What Would Ashton Do?", "Your Retarded", and "Greece" are my personal faves. Ah, and there are the hilarious "Oregon Trail" and Pedro references. Definately some collector's items at this one. *****


K A Designs

K A Designs has over 60 funny and creative zigns that can be printed on a huge assortment t-shirts, sweatshirts, apartment items and gifts.These designs are quite smart, and yet very silly at the same time. They offer everything from retro 50's illustrations to pop culture references with a 70's flair including 'Pale is the New Tan', 'That's How I Roll', 'I'm Kind of a Big Deal', 'Crazy Delicious' and 'Drop it Like it's Hot'. If you are not into the whole "walking punchline" look, they also have just some plain ol' vintage and retro inspired designs that just look pretty rad. ****

K A Designs

Cult Classic Ts

i gotta have more cowbell baby vintage t-shirtIf you're looking to slap a tv or movie quote on a t-shirt, Cult Classic Ts is THE place to go. They feature quotes from The Big Lebowski, Office Space, Saturday Night Live, and much more! Along with that, they have some great humor tees with a vintage style to them. Some definate conversation starters here. ***



new hampshire kinda like old hampshire only newer vintage t-shirt With over 10,000 design, color and size combinations, VintageEdge is a great source to find the perfect vintage tee you've been searching for. Their state, classic, and tropical tees departments have the widest variety I've seen. It's a bit hard to navigate their site (with as many designs as they have!), but think of it as a treasure hunt. Finding that perfect hidden design will be worth it! ***

www.VintagEedge.com - Looking for great vintage style t-shirts? Head on over to our little vintage paradise where all the cool vintage t-shirts go to play - vintagedge.com. You'll find sweet original vintage designs. View any design on 20 t-shirt colors. Come on over and play for awhile.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Palmer Cash

where's the fire captain vintage t-shirtPalmer Cash has a huge assortment of Vintage Tees & Iron Ons. There is a lot of humor going on at this place, as well as some amazing illustrations. Some of my favorites are 'Where's the Fire Captain?', 'Smooth Like Butta', and 'Keep the Dream Alive'. You'll be certain to get that 70's retro look from one of these tees. ***


Vintage Vantage

strickly for my ninjas vintage t-shirtVintage Vantage has some of the most original and hilarious t-shirt ideas on the web. Their original designs are unforgettable ('Strictly for My Ninjas', 'Caucasia Knows How to Party', 'Who Loves Burritos', etc.) and they also offer "top shelf" designs straight from the 70s & 80s. These tees are available for sale or you can place a bid for them in one of their auctions. *****


One Horse Shy

save a horse ride a cowboy vintage t-shirtOne Horse Shy features a huge selection of vintage inspired designs. They cover everything from politics, society, chinese & japanese kanji, retro, lowbrow & highbrow humor, and much more. The site design is one of the coolest that I've seen, and it fits nicely with their "western" theme. Be sure and check them out, since as they put it, "We pander to everyone!" ***


Flippin Sweet Gear

flippin sweet gear, napoleon dynamiteIf you're looking for a pop-culture reference on a t-shirt, Flippin' Sweet Gear is the place to shop. They feature movie inspired, vintage, new, and retro-style gear. Their designs range from offensive, flirty, geek and more. They are probably THE SOURCE to get Napoleon inspired gear also (hence the store name). Check them out! ***


Sunday, September 25, 2005

How We Rate Vintage T-shirt Shops

Let's face it, all the shops featured on I Heart Vintage Tees are awesome, otherwise, why would we waste our time writing reviews? But just incase you're wondering, here is how we came up with the ratings:

We rate these shops based on originality, selection, quality, "vintage-ness", and user-friendliness of the site. Stars (*) are given from 1-5 as follows:

* - Don't waste your time.
** - Just OK. Nothing really buy-able, but worth a look.
*** - Overall Good-Looking Shop. Some really great designs that are worth a purchase.
**** - Top-Notch Shop. Everything is easy to find and the designs are super original.
***** - An I Heart Vintage Tees Favorite Shop. We think that if there isn't something that you like at these places, there is something wrong with you :)

Don't agree with a rating? Leave a comment and tell the world what YOU think. We'd love to hear from you!