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Friday, October 28, 2005


Shamplade.com has a small, but unique selection of vintage t-shirts. The site design is really cool and retro looking (I love the background image and the design in the header). The "My Vacuum sucks, my fan blows, but my fridge is chillin" is so weird, it is definately my favorite design. Their shirts are made to fit slim and are ultra soft, so they definately live up to vintage standards! ***


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spraygraphic Apparel

I just came across Spraygraphic Apparel today, and it has wowed me. All of the designs at this place are pure art and make a statement in some way (not to mention are really well-done). They have a philosophy to find and wear clothes that are thought-provoking and inspiring, not just something that makes you laugh. Along with great t-shirts, they also have jackets, polos, shorts, skirts, and dresses and their site design is smooth and original. *****


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dusty Brand Clothing

Dusty Brand Clothing is one of the most professional looking vintage t-shirt stores that I've seen. Their site is very cleanly laid out and easy to follow. Aside from that, they have some really nicely designed and funny t-shirts. Everything looks like it could be sold at a store like American Eagle. I love the "Mexcellent" and "Humpback Whale" designs. ****


Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Teetastic! Tees Across America has one of the largest selection of vintage state humor tees anywhere. Think you've seen all the state jokes there are? Well, this place has come up with even more! Some hilarious originals include, "Behold my huge throbbing Oregon", "Indiana - Where white kids still play basketball" and "Colorado - This nipple is Aspen". They also have a great selection of political, inappropriate, and Boston Red Sox shirts for you to have fun with. ***


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Threadless is from the same company that brought you OMG Clothing and it is similar, but at this place, YOU are the designer. After you submit a design, it is put into the running to be scored for 7 days. The designs with the highest scores for that period get printed at Threadless, and their designers win $2000 in cash and prizes! Talk about incentive! If you are not an artist, you can participate by voting on designs (which is extremely fun and addictive!), or just shop their catalog full of unique tees. *****


Monday, October 17, 2005

Rock Star Tees

Rock Star Tees has a nicely set up site, with some very funny t-shirt designs. There is a lot of tongue- in-cheek humor along with a few pop culture references. Check out their "Rock Stars" section for pictures of Real World & Road Rules cast members wearing their shirts. ***


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


WearaTshirt.com has an enormous selection of urban and pop culture tees. They specialize in Laguna Beach & the OC designs, but they also have some great humor, flirt, love, retro, etc. tees. Their designs are customizable, so you can pick whatever style of t-shirt you're after. ****


OMG Clothing

OMG Clothing is a great interactive vintage t-shirt website. How is it 'interactive' you ask? You submit a saying you think would make a good t-shirt; People from all over vote for it; OMG Clothing will get a super talented designer to design an amazing t-shirt from the most popular sayings; If you're chosen, you get $100 cash and a $100 gift certificate. Cool enough for you?? Well start submitting! ****


Orange Shag

OrangeShag.com has some of the coolest 70's and 80's vintage gear around! If you can't find a t-shirt, you might find an awesome pair of sunglasses, belt buckles, retro posters, or some other random vintage stuff you might like! Shop around at their site, and you'll be looking authentic in no time. ***


Friday, October 07, 2005

Local Celebrity

Local Celebrity is probably the biggest brand of vintage t-shirts today. Started by 3 California siblings, this company now sells its shirts in a huge number of stores nationwide. If you've never seen one of their shirts while shopping (on the web or at the mall), well then you must have had your eyes closed. There is a reason why they are so popular though...their shirts are some of the greatest ideas out there, including "I've Got a Black Belt in Keepin' it Real", "Hugs Not Drugs", and "Like OK And Stuff". *****


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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lekker Designs

Lekker Designs is a great shop that features "Unique Swag" you can only find there! Check out their collection of Scooter, Geek, and Arrested Development inspired designs. Everything has either a very distressed or groovy feel to it, and is very fun. You can also visit their left-wing (lekkerpolitics) and wedding (lekkerbride) shops while you're there. ***


Dust Junky

Dust Junky features both lesser known independent brands as well as popular mainstream brands of vintage t-shirts. They strive to have the most perfect fitting tees around that have funny and well designed graphics on them. I really like the "Firm Up Your Floppy" design as well as "8 Track - Keep it Real". ***


Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Green Squirrel Shirts is such a fun t-shirt shop. Their designs look almost child-like, but they have an incredible humor to them that you can't resist. My favorite designs have to be "The Easter Bunny is a Klepto", "Broccoli is Evil", and "Peanuts are People Too". They say their shirts are Emo, and not vintage, since they aren't actually old and crusty. Don't know what Emo is? They'll tell you! Just one more reason to check them out :) ****


Toasted Tees

Toasted Tees has a wide selection of t-shirts for hipsters & trendsetters, geeks & gamers, movers & shakers, rockers & ravers, & peace lovers & activists. This place is a great shop to go for anything 50's retro, but they also have some awesome humor & political designs as well. ***


Tuesday, October 04, 2005


From the great minds that brought you Busted Tees, comes Defunker. This place has some of THE coolest designs on the web that are 'sometimes witty and always good-looking'. There aren't a lot of catchy or goofy-phrased shirts at this one, just really amazing or silly illustrations that just look super rad. *****


Trippin Tees

The people at Trippin Tees are the kings of using a play on words, and they do it so well. "Olive You", "Jamaican Me Bipolar", and "Eat Shiitake" are great examples. They also do the everyday funny vintage tee pretty damn well. Their t-shirts come in the options of regular, vintage, and ladies fit. ***


Monster Machine

Monster Machine is a great shop that features vintage and distressed monster illustrations. Everything is illustrated beautifully and looks super unique. A great change of pace from all the look-a-like t-shirt shops out there. Perfect for Halloween! ****


Monday, October 03, 2005


"The most brilliant yet simple fashion idea of this decade" -Fader Magazine.

Neighborhoodies.com allows you to create your own product using whatever saying, font, image, colors, styles, etc. that you could think of! Your end product is a completely customized, unique and truly one-of-a-kind. Their selection is great and it is a lot of fun! ***