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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


LaFraise is another t-shirt shop with an ongoing design contest, similar to Threadless. A $1200 prize is given if your design is selected. It is a French site, so the style is a little bit different than others, and the prices are a bit steeper. The quality designs here are top-notch though. There is an option to view the site in English, but there are a few things that still are not translated (and I've had to look up the translation online! haha). Overall though, the best contest site I've seen other than Threadless. *****


Monday, April 17, 2006

VanRockn Apparel

VanRockn Apparel is another brand new shop that opened in April of 2006. They specialize in vintage looking and fitted tees, which are only printed on Apperican Apparel brand. Their selection is small, but each design is very wearable and funny. I really like the color combos that they use as well. ***


Monday, April 03, 2006

Rarified Brand Clothing

Rarified Brand Clothing is a brand new store that prides itself on their originality. To ensure that their customers stay original, they limit production to 500 of each design. Their shirts have an "Authentic Vintage" look to them, because they choose suppliers with the best, softest blank garments and use "old school printing methods to give our stuff a unique vintage look". They only have a few designs at the moment, but from the looks of them I'm sure there will be many more great ones to come. ***