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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lucha Workshop

Lucha Workshop is an independent, artist-run shop, specializing in bags, plush bags, comics and awesome t-shirts. If you are a fan of hand drawn tees, you'll love the ones at Lucha Workshop. They have a great vintage style to them and are printed in very wearable colors. If you have extra time, check out their bags too. ****


Thursday, June 01, 2006


"The focal point of our company is our Artists. How they interpret a particular idea, and how that idea looks on a shirt, determines whether a customer is going to buy, plain and simple."

Oddica is a brand new online store, and is one of the best I've seen. Their "artists first" philosophy works out perfectly with the audience they appeal to. The designs are pieces of art, which gives them an advantage over other sites that are just fonts and clipart. I love that they give you a preview of new shirts that are coming soon to keep you interested. Their prices are reasonable and they have great sales, so check them out. *****


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Detour Designables

Detour Designables offers one of a kind vintage tees with funny sayings, with many different themes such as Scion XB, LOST, MacGyver and Statehood T-Shirts for every state in the US. Their designs are pretty simple, but are still hip and stylish. I really am impressed with the site design they most. It looks great and is easy to navigate. ****


Go Ape Shirts

Go Ape Shirts is a small t-shirt company run out of Arizona. They're brand new, so there are only a few tee designs at the moment, but those that they have are great. Series 1 is available now and features "Can You Hear Me Now?" by Julian Glander, "The Persistence of Rock" by Graphicairlines, "Boo Boo Walker" by Dave Horowitz, and "Reach for the Sky" by Josh Perkins. There are still a few kinks to be worked out on their site (it's underconstruction at the time I'm writing this), but once everything is running smoothly I can tell this will be an amazing t-shirt site to keep your eye on. ****